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Space is a critical factor in the expansion and management of today’s communication and power systems. Flexible innerduct is a versatile solution for the complex challenges facing engineers, contractors, and network providers. Fabric innerduct offers superior performance advantages over existing rigid innerduct.  By conforming to the shape of the cables placed within it, the space typically associated with rigid innerducts is greatly reduced.  With fabric innerduct, companies are able to overlay, or run, additional cables through existing cable conduit.  Milliken Infrastructure offers the industry-leading MaxCell® innerduct product to address rapidly expanding market needs.

Additionally, for applications such as direct bury and boring, Milliken Infructure offer a segmented rigid HDPE conduit - allowing the placement of more than one cable in a single conduit.  Vis™ Divide is the lastest innovation in conduit optimization from Milliken.


Market Leadership

For more than 150 years, Milliken has been a leader in the development and application of innovative technology, focusing on scientific approaches that address the challenges of each new era and developing solutions that make sense. Our ongoing exploration of new and emerging technologies ensures we have the solutions for virtually any market challenge.

Roger Fynan

Fynan_Roger_4x4_72_DPF_8375.jpgSales Manager, Americas and Europe

Bringing more than 36 years of experience, Roger Fynan is currently the Americas and Europe Sales Manager for the Cable Management business unit.  Roger assumed this position in 2014.  Prior to this assignment, he served as a Senior Account Manager at Milliken & Company, developing key account growth in the telecommunications market.  In that role, Roger had regional responsibility for new business development in the Southeast US. 

Lee Bedingfield

Bedingfield_Lee_4x4_72_DPF_8380.jpgGlobal Product Developement and Technical Support

Lee Bedingfield is currently the Global Product Development and Technical Manager for the Cable Management business unit.  Lee has more than 23 years of industry experience and has been in his current role for 10 years; leading product advancements in the telecommunications market along with multiple patent collaborations and supporting the global sales team.  Lee has a wealth of experience in field applications and installations encompassing both OSP and ISP applications in over 15 different countries across 5 continents.



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